Friday, June 29, 2012

Paradise on Earth, 61 to 80 questions from a dater

...questions from the author's hit book(s?) that I can't seem to locate a copy of...

Paradise on Earth 686, A farmer's concern

#686 according to another copy..

Paradise on Earth 684, Air Force can end forest fires

These are super current--this one references news from June 27, and the next one mentions the 28th! I wonder what might be coming to address the Supreme Court decision on "Obamacare"...

Paradise on Earth, Dear Americans Fourth of July fireworks

Paradise on Earth 513, Fifty percent have AIDS

Paradise on Earth 499, improvements for our lives

Paradise on Earth, Men don't like to be cruel

Paradise on Earth, New half dollar in copper

Paradise on Earth, Play therapist for your marriage

Paradise on Earth, Schindler's List

Paradise on Earth 682, South African constitution

Paradise on Earth 663, Steve Chu is guilty

Paradise on Earth 685, The older you get

another copy indicates this one is #685.

Paradise on Earth 403, Tuberculosis pills for the whole family

Paradise on Earth 625, Wear a white cross

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Paradise on Earth: Mexicans can improve

Paradise on Earth: Close all nuclear racilities

I've never tried to get these posted quickly before, but notice how yesterday's news is already in a flyer found today...that happens a surprising amount with this whole series.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Paradise on Earth: nurses refused Cathy's dialysis

Folks, this is the last of the flyers I have at the moment. I'm sure more will continue to surface--until we meet again...

Paradise on Earth: Freedom of thought, annotated

Paradise on Earth: All wind turbines are fakes

Paradise on Earth: (1)82, ...product herself

Paradise on Earth: 100 tiny villages

Paradise on Earth: ...8000 families separated by conflicts and disasters...

Paradise on Earth: A carol for kindness

Paradise on Earth: A Christmas story

Paradise on Earth: A common story

Sheesh. Some of these are damned painful to read.

Paradise on Earth: A crisis in generational pursuits

Paradise on Earth: A crown of ginger

Paradise on Earth: A gift for developing countries

I think this one might have already been in the numbered series, too. It's all a blur after a while, isn't it? Anyway, if anybody sees a duplicate that needs to be deleted, leave a comment and I'll pull the extra copy.

Paradise on Earth: A penny for your thoughts

To date, this is the only Paradise on Earth flyer that has featured an illustration.

Paradise on Earth: A teaching radio station

I must admit that I'm absolutely fascinated by the idea of this flyer. Bummer about the typo early on: I think they mean "no music newer than 1965?" But interesting...

Paradise on Earth: Accurate news

Paradise on Earth: Advancement of Humans

I think this one might have appeared earlier in the numbered series? This copy, at least, is historically significant to me--it's the first Paradise on Earth flyer I ever saw, shoved under a locked door in my office building.

Paradise on Earth: Advisory for touch behavior

Paradise on Earth: AIDS in Swaziland 42%

All physicians from 18th & O

I don't think I could find this earlier in the series, but this is the flyer that was posted a bazillion times on a doctor's office building where most of the doctors relocated to avoid the chaos of reconstruction in the middle of the Antelope Valley project in Lincoln...

Paradise on Earth: Ambulance workers could exterminate Americans