Tuesday, October 25, 2011

taking a little break

I still find the premise of this blog interesting, and I intend to ultimately post all of the CBPL flyers I have to make this blog into a sort of Art Brut document of one lady's crazy protests-in-blue.  For the moment, though, I'm going to take a little break.  I don't have the time to keep it up (record reviews and essays beckon), and frankly the readership is quite low.  Feel free to complain in the comments--I could be motivated to keep it going, but probably on a less-regular schedule.  And please do get some of the new flyers my way--I've heard about the new 2011 flyers, but I have yet to see one.

See you soon, though probably on a less-regular basis.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Paradise on Earth, 76, Factories 20 miles away

Ah, the eternal question: "Can men wear garlic in sock, undies, necklace, wreath on head and hold onto garlic inside gloves?"Clearly someone else will have to put the bread dough on our heads and faces...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Paradise on Earth, 74, Sublimator exposed

More along the lines of the last flyer, but this time detailing some actual phone calls and questions raised to the apparent folks behind the machinations of "subliminals."

There is one word handwritten into the document toward the bottom of the middle column, "workers," in case you're interested.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Paradise on Earth, 72, I am your native son

Here we get more detail on how "subliminals" might have an effect through phone and light poles, as well as a description of the anti-bird roosting pointy objects on many roofs as broadcast devices.  And I was especially smitten with the description of Norway's lack of phones and a correlative increase in socialism.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Paradise on Earth, 69, If we have cremations homocides take places

A mighty random edition of Paradise on Earth here, even by the erratic standards of the series.  Take back the Panama Canal!  No cremations!  Move the Yacht Club away from the Pentagon!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Doctor's office special flyer

As mentioned in the last post, I was hoping I took a picture of what the front of the doctor's office building looked like with all of the flyers hanging, I don't have one.  However, I do have one of the posters that were only seen at that building:

I love how "American" got added by hand!  Anyway, if you can imagine a large building getting covered with 20 of these things every few days, over and over again for months, that's what the poor doctors had to deal with.  Fortunately that seems to have stopped--but so have all of the mass flyer campaigns to my knowledge.  I haven't seen any around town for at least six months.  I'm glad to have this archive to remember what once was.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Paradise on Earth, 67, Physicians were self inflicted by Chinese

I'm still missing a few in the series, so here we'll jump to number 67.

The story toward the beginning of this one is of particular interest to me.  Here's what actually happened: the building hosting a doctors' office at 18th and O Streets is in the way of part of the Antelope Valley Project, and a new road is cutting into a significant portion of their parking area.  The physicians office there re-opened elsewhere in town.  The doctors, I am happy to report, are safe and sound, contrary to the flyers' tales of self-infliction.

This is close to my neighborhood, and I really liked being able to see a doctor without driving out to the 'burbs.  Fortunately, one of the doctors decided to open a solo practice and stay in the building.  And she, ironically, must be who the author is accusing of causing the rest of the doctors to "self-inflict."  But here's where it gets especially funny: she's not Chinese.  She's Vietnamese.  And there is another nearby neighborhood with a large Vietnamese population that she continues to serve.  And she continues to be my doctor, too.  I'll take my chances with subliminals if it means I can see a doctor without having to drive to the edges of town!

By the way, before I knew about this series of flyers, apparently their author had been positively blanketing the front of this building at 18th and O with a special non-numbered flyer made just for the occasion.  This apparently was happening throughout much of 2010.  The flyers would be torn down and she would re-paper the building with them a day or two later, and this went back and forth dozens of times.  There are copious amounts of tape residue left all over the front windows of the building.  For our next post, I'll see if I can dig one of those out...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Wrow Wrow variations

As mentioned in the previous post, I was so amused by the "wrow wrow" concept that I felt compelled to make my own variations.  We'll interrupt our usual series to explore them further.

First, there are a small set of unnumbered flyers with huge fonts.  I haven't posted any of those yet, but here's one that also talks about the "wrow wrow" concept:

That one comes from Bork, who found it around the same time as I first noticed the large number of flyers being taped to posts and poles all along the streets of Lincoln.

There is a related one that I found myself that introduces the notion of lamp posts and subliminals.  It also mentions a doctor's office issue that will be covered in more detail in the next edition of "Paradise on Earth Versus the Blue Cliff Record."

Anyway, I was so amused by all of this that I made all of the following flyer ideas, implementing the "wrow wrow" concept, general Chinese paranoia, and the notion that lamp posts are also hosting "subliminals."  Enjoy:

And from these designs the masthead of this blog was born.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Paradise on Earth, 64, Is this the fuss over immigrants?

The first section of this flyer includes one of my favorite concepts in the whole series: with the battery out of a cell phone, hold it to your ear and you might hear a "wrow wrow" in 2-second phases?

When I hold mine up to my ear, I just hear the ocean.  I wonder what that means?

Anyway, I got so amused by the combination of Chinese paranoia and the "wrow wrow" of a battery-less phone that I ended up making some flyers of my own.  I intended to post them around the downtown area myself, but I never did.  The observer becoming the observed, etc.  But instead maybe I'll post them as our next installment for your entertainment.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Paradise on Earth, 63, Boundaries don't hurt anybody


Or just put wheat sacks in front of your windows.

The Blue Cliff Record this time around gets pretty gory, too.  I hope it's only subliminally gory.