Sunday, August 26, 2012

Paradise on Earth, Tuberculosis is found most often

Paradise on Earth, Stop everything nuclear so life can exist

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that the author never bore children, based on "The Happiest Day." Woah.

Paradise on Earth, Single room in single gender dorm

The best line in this one is right at the end. What an image!

Paradise on Earth 492, Improvements for America

I think everything in the flyer has appeared in other flyers, but it's an interesting repackaging of this information.

Paradise on Earth, a Holy Water variation

This one has appeared before as well. This new version features italics at the beginning to delineate the actual holy water process, and there are a few new lines toward the end.

Paradise on Earth, a Healing Oils of the Bible variation

We've seen this one before, but apparently it's been edited to include a few new lines at the end.

Paradise on Earth, Esteem an employer

This one becomes a really painful read--the weird genital mutilations attributed to "debestrol" take on a very Naked Lunch-period Burroughs vibe, like pre-teen Mugwumps wandering around the Bay area.

Paradise on Earth, Christ is here on earth as a god

Based on the author's feelings about wormwood, presumably absinthe wouldn't be a favorite drink, but the Residents' Wormwood album of curious stories from the Bible might somehow work out...

Paradise on Earth, Best middle school literature

A lot of flyers went up this week, so here's another batch. Most are still circling the general return-to-school theme, including this one, but there's been a reposting of some holistic health flyers, too...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Paradise on Earth, Yoga

This one was posted among another batch this week...

Paradise on Earth, Vicky's Delima

The "Men can live without Women" section of this one is another amazing throwback to 50s culture...

Paradise on Earth, Usual nano story

Of course, the "usual" nano story. I'm impressed with the incredible speed of this "pulverizer" device, too.

Paradise on Earth, Therapy for...

I'm totally not going to write out the full title of this flyer, because I can only imagine the weird hits I would get from random Google searches...

Paradise on Earth, Sunsets/Proof of the comet

Paradise on Earth, Monticello

Paradise on Earth 348, a Monkey Bar Homes variation

We've seen this one before, but it has a different number, and the footer at the bottom of the page is completely different and hasn't been seen on any of the flyers before...

Paradise on Earth, God bless America

Lots of fun stuff in this one, but the clear winner is the list of name suggestions for various international cities.

Paradise on Earth, For these special children

Really loving the mixes of TM and somewhat gnostic Catholocism here. But I thought that the author's "chrisma healing" involved a lot of "annointing," aka being slathered in various tinctures and fluids like honey...

Paradise on Earth, American students were jipped

Paradise on Earth, A conversation in the car

With the return of college students to town, the author's interests in the last few weeks have shifted to what I can only imagine is intended as dating advice for college students. There have been re-flyerings of the "College Teaching Radio Station" flyer and "Improvements for Colleges" flyer, too.

Some seriously stinted dialogue here: I hope the author never attempts a novel!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Paradise on Earth, another "Dear American" letter

This is the first time I've had to do a little censorship on these--the author unwisely opted to include a phone number, which I've removed.

Paradise on Earth, Christ is here on earth

Paradise on Earth, Browns can have success in high school

I know I've included a general disclaimer before, but I find this flyer repugnant enough to say it again: I don't necessarily agree with any of the wild ideas in these flyers, but I'm posting them because they create a fascinating body of outsider art when considered as a whole.

But this is definitely a dark moment in the series. If you read through the somewhat cheery tone of this flyer, you have a person advocating that we turn high school classes for "brown" students into sweatshop labor camps because "these students like repetition," "combined with colorful threads." But don't worry: we'll put up "motivational" posters listing all of the dead-end jobs these students might expect to hold in their dismal futures (always the ticket agent or the baggage handler, never the pilot). The casual descent into really ugly racism is disturbing.

Paradise on Earth, Cell phones in the military

Paradise on Earth, Chinese use tornado cannon to genocide

Another first for the Paradise on Earth series--a newspaper clipping!

Paradise on Earth, Dear Principals and Teachers letter

The author is getting an incredible amount of mileage out of her "Pot Poems!"

Paradise on Earth, God sees you

...listening to Slayer!

Paradise on Earth, Jennie goes to school

Paradise on Earth 251, Lang is a communist

Paradise on Earth 166, Monkey Bar Homes

Based on the numbering system (and the content of this flyer), this must have been the high point of Chinese/Moslem paranoia in the series.

Paradise on Earth, Safer water

I must admit that I find it amazing that someone so deeply committed to improvements in health care can still be taken in by the rhetoric that "obamacare" is bad for small business.

Paradise on Earth, Vibrations

Paradise on Earth, We all want freedom of thought

Here we go back to my favorite topic in these flyers: subliminals! Based on the formatting of this flyer, it's clearly one of the older ones I didn't find the first time around, but I'm glad to see that the author still finds them worthy of re-use...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Paradise on Earth, 81st to 100th questions

Paradise on Earth, Beware at fair

Paradise on Earth 707, A billboard with the truth

...and what a billboard this would be!

Paradise on Earth, Dear City Council letter

Apparently speaking at most of the open mic sessions at City Council hearings isn't quite enough communication for our author...

Paradise on Earth, Dear European letter

Paradise on Earth, Dutch heroes

Paradise on Earth 648, Have no gifted students programs

Paradise on Earth, Less lonely by planning conversational events

A weekly planning graphic! Fantastic. I guess I'll count uploading these flyers on Sundays as my "psychology swap."

Paradise on Earth 639, Lies in news about HIV

Paradise on Earth 662, Recycling minerals

Paradise on Earth 703, These at Holloman are not Americans

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Paradise on Earth, A Girl needs clothes in a pool

Mr. Eddington is sure to be delighted by the "Michael Landon Gets a Prize" section of this flyer...
Also, another copy found this week indicates that this is flyer # 700. Astonishing!

Paradise on Earth 167, Former presidents are missing

It's interesting to me that most of the flyers found in the last week are older ones, numbered in the 100 or 200 range. But they're numbers I'm missing from that series, which I think mostly dates to late 2010.

One thing you can't see in these scans, though, is that the numbers are computer printouts taped over other computer numbers that are apparently "wrong," and some of them have handwritten numbers peering through below the printed and taped numbers. Apparently the sheer quantity of these flyers has reached the point where keeping track of them is almost as confusing for their author as it is for me.

Paradise on Earth, Hospital bill is outrageous

One thing that doesn't seem to show up in the scans of these flyers is the sometimes heavy highlighting marks added to some flyers. This particular specimen looks like it has a form of whiteout leprosy or something, the spaces between columns nearly full of weird little whiteout dashes. Or could it be fatal-in-a-month tuberculosis? OH NO!

Paradise on Earth, the pot poems

These were featured in a previous flyer, but for some reason they've been made into their own poster for today's lamp post-flyering sessions...

Paradise on Earth, Rachel Morris

Paradise on Earth, Saint Peter at the gates of Heaven

I have to say that I found the "Healing a Painting" section at the end of this flyer very interesting--it's true that emotionally rich art projects affect the moods of their creators. But not everything in live needs balance or redemption...